Farm & Rural Products

Elgate has a comprehensive range of fence and gate products specifically designed for the needs of the rural industry. Our product selection includes stock yard hinges and clamps for sheep & Cattle enclosures, stock-proof gate latches, and screw-in or bolt through gate gudgeons and hinge straps.


Elgate's range of long pin gate gudgeons utilise our unique UV stabilised self lubricating poly bush for extremely smooth long life gate operation. The bush eliminates metal to metal contact between the gate frame and the gudgeon, minimising friction, and its ribbed exterior provides a positive non-slip fit inside the gate stile to ensure the only movement is between the gudgeon pin and the hinge bush. The extra long 75mm pin provides firm gate support while it prevents twisting and enhances security.

Our specialist range of Farm Gate Gudgeons encompasses screw-in gudgeons for timber posts, and long bolt through models with up to 450mm of full thread adjustment. These products are also available in a variety of Farm Gate Packs which include bottom gudgeon, top hinge strap & stock-proof chain latch. Elgate also offer products to suit angle iron and concrete posts, and a range of heavy duty fittings for extra large gates.


Elgate have a large range of stock-proof farm gate chain latches, so you don't have to worry about the security of valuable livestock. Elgate's unique design is virtually impossible for horses & cattle to anipulate, yet can be easily opened from horseback or motorcycle without dismounting. All farm gate products are also available in a variety of convenient Farm Gate Packs containing bottom gate gudgeon, top hinge strap and chain latch. Our range includes staple, screw-in or bolt through styles, ring & chain or ring & hook, and even double gate latch combinations to suit your every need.


Elgate manufactures a range of hinges and hinge straps to suit almost any application. From basic bolt on or bolt through hinge straps, to long thread, fully adjustable locking hinge straps, and our exclusive
two part collar hinge which can be used for both top and bottom gate hinge. We also have a full range of weld on hinges and sockets, and fittings to suit concrete and angle iron posts, as well as a comprehensive selection of Farm Gate Packs which include hinge strap, gate gudgeon and gate latch in the one convenient pack.