Gate Hinges & Gudgeons

Here are just some of the huge range of Elgate Gate Gudgeons, Hinges and Hindge Straps


Interlocking Two Part Hinges for posts up to 100mm, Interlocking Gate Hinges for posts up to 50mm, Bolt on Timber Gate Hinges, Weld On Gate Hinges, Nylon Plain & Spring Closing Gate Hinges.


Weld on Channel Gudgeons, Weld On Angle Gudgeons, Bolt On Gudgeons, Bolt on Short Wood Gudgeons and Long Plate Gudgeons, Adjustable Long Plate Gudgeons with short steel gudgeon pin or extra long 75mm pin with self lubricating nylon sleeve - easy gate adjustment any time.



Bolt on Gudgeons and Hinge Straps for angle iron posts or square post corners, bolt on Hinge Straps, Back Plates and Strap Attachments for square posts or flat surfaces, weld on Hinge Pins and Sockets in zinc plated or galvanised finish. Patented Hinge Attachments with Pin to suit Two Part Hinges - provides a fixed or adjustable gudgeon in a bolt on clamp fitting. Extra long 75mm adjustable pins with self lubricating nylon sleeve available, for absolutely painless double gate adjustment, any time.