Multipurpose Fitting

multifitElgate's Multi-Purpose Fitting System features a unique ring profile which allows fitting of additional clamps at any time, even after the fitting is securely tightened on the post. This important feature means that different straight or angled clamps to suit almost any combination of rail sizes can be attached to the post easily, adjusted and secured individually if desired. A full 360° rotation, combined with our exclusive 120° vertically adjustable angle fittings, gives this product true multi-purpose adaptability for any application.

* Winner of the Australian Design Award for Engineering *

The Multi-Purpose Fitting system can economically replace expensive special purpose fittings such as Five Way Tees and Ring Corners and Sockets, as well as help reduce stock holdings. The system can easily be adapted for use in angled corners, struts, raked top rails, undulating ground levels, stair rails and balustrades, gazebo type trusses and multiple fence.