Pipe Connectors

Fences, Handrails, Tennis Courts, Shadehouses ...

You can build it quick & easy, with Elgate Quality Fittings.

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Elgate has a comprehensive range of pipe connectors to suit a wide variety of pipe size combinations from 20 to 100mm, including Tees, Crosses & Corners. Our unique patented range of adjustable angle fittings provide seamless variable angle adjustment without the need for welding, or additional expensive fittings. Ideal for every application including slopes and irregular shapes and fencelines.
Elgate's range of innovative fittings include fixed and adjustable Angle Tees ideal for post supports without the need to bend pipe; Adjustable Angle Crosses for post struts and raked sloping fence lines; our specialised Adjustable Rail Clamp perfect for balustrades and handrails; and the Adjustable Angle Adapter which can turn a standard Tee, Cross or Corner instantly into an adjustable angle fitting. Don't forget to check out our very versatile Multi Purpose Fitting range, which allows multiple straight or adjustable angle clamps to be combined on the one post fitting!